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I'm Writing You, To Catch You Up On Places I've Been

Didn't Have A Camera By My Side This Time... No More 3x5s.

21 May 1986
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The question I ask myself lately is, do I love being in college or what? It seems right for me, even though I miss my high school friends and teachers like mad. I am a second semester junior [senior through credits] at Slippery Rock majoring in Music Education (major instrument Clarinet, minor instrument Piano) and potentially double minoring with Spanish and Political Science! Yes, I know I'm Chinese. And yes, I know my life's crazy. But hey... life's a river, you have to look at (or wait for) what's around the river bend! :)

Yes, I can play clarinet...Better than you.
Hahaha. In most cases I do, but in some cases, I'm sure I don't. Hehehe. ;)
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