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Breaking Dawn

I finally finished it.

That is all.


P.S. Going to see HP & HBP in an hour or so! Gonna be so so awesome! :-)
Work has started to get kind of stressful/frustrating because Ashley had her baby (a boy, his name is Jonathan but they're going to call him Jack! from seeing the pics on facebook/cell phone, he's adorable!) at the end of June and now we are down a shift supervisor until early October. We were supposed to have another shift transferred to help us out for a few months, but his living situation changed and he was no longer going to be in the Pittsburgh area. Also, this situation would not be so bad if our manager did not only schedule herself to work all morning/mid shifts. She has closed @ B-ville a handful of times in the past 4-5 months, and she is also unavailable/never works Sunday. Personally, I'm not too peeved about it, but one of the other shifts has 2 young children, and her husband is kind of looking for a reason to force her into quitting, despite the income. Other shift lives about an hour from the store and it's frustrating for her to have a schizophrenic schedule due to gas prices/sleep time/etc. I'm trying not to get swept up in the mania but I fear it's going to be hard not to get sucked in to the conflict.

Aside from the crazy schedule, work/customers/other partners have not been bad, thankfully! Summer is just naturally crazier than all other seasons but hey, we live and learn.

I have a shit ton of events/people that I'm going to see over the next month/two months, and I'm hardcore excited about (except July 4th, because I have to close, and July 6th, because I want to see Plain White T's since I couldn't in November and I don't want to go alone but I don't know if any of my friends want & are able to come with!) These are the memories that I will cherish from summer, and they will help get me through the tougher/more frustrating times. So as the subject line states, behold, the powers of positive thinking...

<3 Jen, the Shifty Shift Starbucks Supervisory Girl

Are You There, LJ? It's Me, Jen...

Jon said he thought he was gonna have to file a missing persons' report on me, because I haven't geeked out with him on WOW, for like a week. In that time, he went camping with Rizz and her awesome fam, and I've been working and rehearsing like a beast with Ethan. I talked to him for like 10-15 minutes while I was taking my break @ work and we caught up on life. Just not on World of Warcraft.

Watching this Pirates/Cubs game, instead of taking a nap or taking a shower before heading Downtown to see Spring Awakening with Rizz and Sarah. Unfortunately for me, one of our relief pitchers (Jesse Chavez) gave up a solo HR to someone on the Cubs, and now we're down 4-2 in the bottom of the 8th inning, after a few CRAZY plays to tie the game up at 2.

I feel like customers at 13355 (Banksville) are really starting to enjoy seeing me and getting to know me. Yay for building up a foundation of camaraderie and customer service awesomeness. I had quite a few of great conversations today, and even though it was really busy this morning (on a smaller, without drive thru scale store), I felt that we didn't have any major mishaps (aside from running out of plastic spoons. I had to serve oatmeal with a fork, and just hoped that people didn't check the bag before they left the store. LOL) I genuinely enjoy my job, and the work that I do, although I do wish it paid more and/or it could suffice to appease my parents.

Should really take my nap now. Also need to start LJing or journaling to myself, more often. I have had a lot on my mind that I feel needs unleashed, somewhere... what else is new?

Signs of Birthday Awesomeness...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (I cleverly backdated this entry so it would still be posted on my birthday.)

Today was rather pleasant, even though I didn't actually do anything to celebrate/commemorate my birthday (that was yesterday, and will also be next Saturday)! Dad and I went out to Robinson, shopped a little bit, good times.

Only slightly shitty part of today was having to work close on my birthday, 3-10:30. I worked with a girl that I'm not crazy about, for a variety of reasons, but I didn't even let it faze me. We were pretty busy throughout the night, despite the fact that the Pens were playing, since the weather was nice. Miraculously we still managed to get out 15 minutes early, although I had to unlock the doors after I set the alarm to go turn off the patio fans. Then I reset the alarms and left. I'm a dork like that and didn't want to leave the fans running all night...

Stacy and I made a Wal-Mart run tonight after I came home from work, because she needed some last minute conference supplies, the most important being a glue gun. I convinced her to get me a new beach towel, a storage container, and some cute designed ribbon for scrapbooking as my birthday present. :-D

I need to start writing in a paper journal again when I am actually having thoughts that I want to remember. That's probably why my LJ sucks anymore, because when I actually go to write, I don't feel inspired with anything of value to say. We shall see if I can improve upon this.

Watching the replay of the Pirates/Nationals game on FSN, and then probs going to bed since I work @ 9:30... So flipping amused by the Pittburgh Pierogies (Oliver Onion, Cheese Chester, Jalepeno Hannah, and Sauerkraut Sal) racing against the US Presidents (yes, the Nationals' mascots are actually the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore (President Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt). HA. I bet people have put this on YouTube. I should look... lol

~Jen, the Whee, I'm 23 Girl~

I Feel Good...

Like I said in my Facebook status, yesterday was a Pittsburgh sports fan's dream come true:

1) Hines Ward gets signed to a 4 year, 22ish million dollar contract. After I saw them break the news on FSN, I had to immediately go online to see whether this was true. When I was convinced that it was, I told Bill that Hines Ward has to be the stitched jersey I'm gonna buy. Aside from being an amazing wide receiver, he can block like hell (breaking jaws and taking names, lol), and has a killer smile/ great attitude about football and life. I only hesitated about getting his jersey before, because I feared he would retire or be traded before I could wear the jersey and do it justice. But he wanted to retire a Steeler, and it looks like they're gonna make it happen. I'm pumped.

2) Pirates CRUSHED the Padres late last night, in San Diego! Zach Duke (caught yesterday that he does spell his name with an 'h') has put up some really impressive numbers in his first 4 starts, and we ended up winning 10-1. I'm a little worried about the injuries we seem to be coming down with early in the season, specifically Ryan Doumit's wrist injury (8-10 weeks), Nate McLouth's oblique injury (day to day, but could be diagnosed & put on DL for 6 weeks or more), and Jack Wilson's finger injury (seems to still be lingering from Opening Day, is still playing, but you just never know when you catch/throw a ball "the wrong way" and re-injure it). Seems that we are still having success, even with these injuries though, and that's just amazing, considering how many people, Pittsburghers and pros alike, have cast off the Pirates as destined losers.

3) Penguins came back from a 3-0 deficit vs. the Flyers to take the series! I missed the entire game, because I was at work, but it provided me a few hours of relaxed work environment, which was welcomed because yesterday was a hot one, and lots of people were in and out. I was kind of disappointed by their play in Game 5, but it seems like I would have been more convinced that the Pens deserved to move on, from the highlights I saw during/after the baseball game.

I just want to say that there was SNOW 3 weeks ago, and now, it's brighter than sunshine outside, and the temp's supposed to tie the record at 87 degrees. Is it April, or is it June? I'm not sure! LOL

Chelsea and I had a fantastic closing shift last night, and I'm hoping for a repeat tonight. This week is bound to be a better week for me than the last, because I had to waste half of last week feeling gross, and being sick. Blah...

Everybody Wins! (except me, kind of)

PENS > Flyers, 3-1
PIRATES > Marlins, 3-2
1991 Honda Accord > State Inspection/Emissions Test
Jen > Fever/Stomach Issues (hopefully soon, anyway!)

Since my Pirates game was blacked out due to Game 4 (friends, you know how frustrated this makes me), I watched the Pens game tonight, and even I, a non-hockey person, has to acknowledge Marc Andre Fleury's absolute gem of a performance tonight. I can't say that the rest of the team impressed me as much, there seemed to be an awful lot of power play opportunities for the Flyers, and thankfully for the Pens, good penalty killing + Fleury's goaltending greatness saved this game...

I was nervous about the Marlins coming in to Pittsburgh, because I acknowledged that their win/loss record was 11-1, coming into this Sunday's game. However, yesterday's shutout performance by Ross Ohlendorf was spectacular, and then tonight, we edged past them again, thanks to Freddy Sanchez's solo HR in the 3rd inning. I don't really care how we win, but my faith in this year's team has not wavered yet. Here's to a potential series sweep tomorrow afternoon...

Dad took my car in for inspection this morning, and I was expecting to wake up and find out that my car failed. Amazingly, by some grace of the car gods, they passed me, and so I don't have to shell out my savings to search for a new/gently used car right away. My goal was to save enough money to buy said car outright, or at least pay for a good part of it, and having this extra year to put money away, would be super helpful...

Oh, the being sick. I haven't had this sort of illness for some time, and I hate throwing up. It is torture. I would much rather be dizzy, have laryngitis, ear infection, anything but a stomach bug that doesn't allow me to hold down food. I'm sorry for being gross, but it is certainly not a sickness anyone would want. I hope it goes away soon.

I think that's really all that's on my mind, for now anyway. Adios amigos.
What's new in my world? Not too much. Work @ Starbucks, and then I fill my free time contemplating how I can stop being such a disappointment to my parents and in the eyes of many people "older and wiser" than I. Unfortunately for these people, I really enjoy what I do, and while I'm not making six figures, I'm happy and far less stressed out about the future than I have been for quite some time, and I am able to spend time doing things and seeing people I enjoy being around. I continue to search for a happy balance of these views... I could go on but that tidbit seems to sum it all up.

Went to dinner with Courtenay, Mark, Rob, Kelly, and RJ this afternoon after my 8-4:30 shift! Made an excursion up to Cranberry to do it this time, because that's where the restaurant that RJ (Kelly's bf) is the assistant manager, and his parents are co-owners. The place is called Freedom Diner, and they have delicious food there! The decor and atmosphere is sweet too, because there are lots of colors and cool pieces of art. Rob and I split an appetizer platter, and then I had a Black Angus Cheeseburger with fries, and a piece of homemade Oreo Ice Cream cake that I'm gonna remember for a long time because it was that ridiculously good. Who needs anything else but friends and food? It's an awesome cure all.

Dad and I are going to the Pirates game Wednesday night! So the April showers need to hold off, or else I'll be mega mad about it. Home opener was today, and Zach (or is it Zack? too lazy to look it up at the moment) Duke pitched a shut out victory, 7-0! I didn't see the game when it was originally airing, because I was at work, but FSN typically does a replay of many games in the evening/late night. LOVE IT. Because then I can catch as many games, or parts of them, as possible, instead of just reading it in the newspaper or relying on sports tickers. Byaaaaaaah.

I have a lot of faith in the Pirates this spring/season. I think you should too. I think I'm gonna do something dealing with baseball game + my birthday. I know everyone's schedules are crazy, but this way, if you wanna go to the game, then you can. If you wanna hang out before and or after, you also can. There are options and avenues for all schedule types. Keep May 29 and 30 in the back of your head for this one...

And end, simply because I'm calling Bill and going to bed. Until next time...

Not So Little You & I Anymore...

My parents and I went to the cemetary yesterday morning, to place flowers at the gravesites of my paternal great grandfather (who I had never met), my Uncle Ed (who passed away from lung cancer before I was 3), and my paternal grandfather and grandmother (both of whom I was fairly close to). It is in the Chinese tradition to pay these respects annually before Easter, I think it has something to do with spring being a time of rebirth, and so you are to spend time with your loved ones who have passed and are looking over us... When my sister and I were younger, and before my MaMa had passed away in 2006, our entire family used to go together, and burn incense and essentially have a mini-feast at each site. It felt sad to go this year, since a lot of my aunts/uncles/cousins have different work schedules now that the Restaurant is gone. It also felt sad to be there without Stacy, but we may make a trip with her before she leaves for Spain, since she couldn't come this time...

I kicked off my first of three days off by staying up til 4 AM last night, by myself! It wasn't entirely intentional, but I guess the three shots of espresso I had in my drink during my break last night affected me more than it typically does, because I wouldn't have been able to sleep a lick. So I just stayed up online, talking with Jon about practically anything and everything that came to our minds. I did a little bit more of reading Twilight and checked my e-mail and Twitter about 10 times. Fun times.

Rob called me yesterday afternoon while I was out to lunch with my parents after our journey to the cemetary, wanting to see if I could meet him for lunch. I had to work at 2, so it didn't work out yesterday, but we ended up getting our schedules to link up and we had lunch @ Maharaja, a local Indian restaurant. I hadn't been there before, but I must say, their lunch buffet was pretty scrumptious. The aroma from the spices in Indian food can be a bit overbearing at first, but it was delicious. The mango lassi, the aloo gobi, the tandoori chicken, the bahsmati rice, the naan, and a bunch of other dishes I don't think I could even attempt to spell. It was also good to talk to Rob, it's kind of awesomely incredible how close of friends we became from just working @ Starbucks together. He's one of the only people I can talk to @ home about my insecurities without fear that he's judging me. We are both ramblers too, so if you can keep up with our conversations... lol

I need to go pack some things because I'm going up to Slippery Rock tomorrow morning/afternoon, and then heading to New Castle for some much needed SRU Crew reunion time, with about half of my bests. I wish everyone could get together again, but I also know that grad school and being in different states will keep that from happening any time soon. But here's to hoping...

Scrapbooking crop tonight with Nicole @ Scrapbooker's Dream too! I need this desperately, so I have a sporting chance of finishing this part of Bill's graduation present in time. That, and I love to scrapbook, but it's just not as much fun/exciting to do by myself.

Hope things are well with everyone. I know updates from everyone, besides Rizz, Jess, and Sarah Mo, are harder to come by anymore, but I still read them all and they are appreciated.


Imagine all the people, living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...
I hope someday you join us, and the world will be as one...

The rain is falling from the sky incredibly quickly, and it does not appear that it plans on stopping anytime soon. I do find the sound of the rain to be peaceful, but it also makes everything so wet, and gloomy. Which leads to the irony that I was just listening to John Lennon's Imagine, a song that is filled with optimism and peace, and while the outlook outside seems so dark and destructive.

Going to post an update, but just not in this entry.
Friday, September 16th, 1994 5:33 PM
Dear Journal,
I'm watching Full House. I like Fridays because I get to sleep late. I'll see you tomorrow!
Y.B.F. (that stands for Your Best Friend, in case you didn't know!), Jennifer

Thursday, October 20, 1994 8:30 AM
Dear Journal,
Today is school picture day! We are getting it taken this morning. I'll see you soon!
Y.B.F., Jennifer

Saturday, October 22, 1994 6:07 PM
Dear Journal,
I got a new Baby-Sitters Club book! It is a Super Special. See ya soon!
Y.B.F., Jennifer

... flip flip flip ...

Monday, May 26, 1996 2:51 PM
Dear Journal,
I just got back from K-Mart. Stacy and I got Funoodles. They are a float and a toy combined. We both got yellow. We are on the way back to the restaurant. Tomorrow we are going back to school. I'm glad, but I'm not glad.

Thursday, May 30, 1996 3:40 PM
Dear Journal,
I just got home from school. Today at school, I had some fun. Gotta pick up Stacy soon. We're probably going to the library soon. See ya later! Party on!

This is an accurate reflection of how simple life used to be.