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Pittsburgh Bucket List


1) ( X ) You've gone to a Steeler game.
^^ Personal Note: I haven't gone to a Steelers game at Heinz Field. I hope I get the chance to change that "soon"!

2) ( ) You skipped school to go to the Pirates home opener.
^^ Never did it, but probably would have/ still would if there was anyone who'd be up for it.

3) ( ) Been on a blind date in Pittsburgh.
^^ This is probably one of those that they have on EVERY city's bucket list. Haha. 

4) ( ) Been to a Penguins Stanley Cup playoff game.

5) ( X ) Been to a Pirates game.
^^ Too bad I can't count this one about a hundred times. 

6) ( ) Been to a Pitt football or basketball game.

7) ( X ) Took a picture of Pittsburgh from a Mt. Washington overlook.
^^ We did the whole get in the limo, paparazzi style junior prom thing.

8) ( X ) Been in, or even on the ledge of the fountain at Point State Park.

9) ( X ) Been lost somewhere in Pittsburgh.
^^ The streets downtown don't make sense. Add traffic and construction/detours, and it's basically impossible!

10) ( ) Saw the buffalo herd at South Park.

11) ( ) Attended the "free" fair at South Park Fairgrounds.

12) ( X ) Visited Washington, PA.
^^ Many times, especially now that the Meadows Casino/ Tanger Outlets are out there :)

13) ( ) Swam in one of the 3 rivers.

14) ( X ) Been to the 3 Rivers Arts Festival.
^^ It's a long of fun walking around, seeing all of the work. And the food is also a good reason to go. 

15) ( X ) Experienced local live music.
^^ Is there anyone who's lived in Pittsburgh who hasn't seen the Clarks? It seems like they are EVERYWHERE. Also graduated high school with Joe Grushecky (& the Houserockers)'s daughter, saw his band a few times, plus just at local street fairs/festivals/etc.

16) ( X ) Eaten a Primanti's sandwich.
^^ Their #2 Best Seller Philly Cheese Steak, is a heavenly sandwich. Mmmmm. I keep talking about food but I'm starting to get pretty hungry!

17) ( X ) Eaten at the "O".
^^ The biggest order of fries known to man or woman.

18) ( ) Been to the top of the US Steel Building.

19) ( ) Been to the top of the Cathedral of Learning.

20) ( ) Spent a night at 7 Springs.

21) ( X ) Been "down Market Square".

22) ( ) Attended 1 of 6 Steelers Super Bowl Parades.
^^ Bows head in shame that I haven't! Let's hope they make playoffs/Superbowl/win. K thanks bye!

23) ( ) Partied in the Strip District.
^^ Been to the Strip, eaten in the Strip, gone to concerts in the Strip. Haven't partied down there though, felt that was an important distinction which is why I didn't check it off!

24) ( ) Toured the Iron City Brewery.

25) ( ) Drank an Iron.
^^ I know I've sipped it, but haven't drank the whole thing, because I'm not a beer person, so I don't think that should get to count either, until I do.

26) ( X ) Explored the Carnegie Science Center.

27) ( ) Saw the trains at Buhl Planeterium.

28) ( X ) Been to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

29) ( X ) Been to Station Square.

30) ( ) Watched the Car Races at Schenley Park.

31) ( X ) Seen a concert at Hartwood Acres.
^^ My two favorites were the ones that I went with, with Ethan (and his family), Stacy, and Jess. Los Lonely Boys, and also the PSO for their free Fourth of July/Independence Day performances!

32)( ) Been fishing in the 3 rivers.

33 ( X ) Held your breath driving through any Pittsburgh tunnel.
^^ Fort Pitt, for sure. I know I've done the hold the breath/make a wish game in the Liberty and Squirrel Hill tunnels too, but I don't think I have done that while driving in those tunnels.

34) ( X ) Been called or called someone a "jagoff".

35 ( X ) Been to a non-athletic event at Mellon Arena.
^^ Quite a few of them, actually. Because I have never been to a Pens game, so ALL of the events I went to at Mellon, were non-athletic ones.

36 ( ) Been to a Steeler game at Forbes Field.

37)( ) Been to a Steeler game at Pitt Stadium.

38) ( ) Been to a rock concert at 3 Rivers Stadium.
^^ I don't think I ever did, because 3 Rivers got torn down when I wasn't listening to rock music yet. I was a total teenybopper in those days. Now I'm only in that genre halfway. Haha.

39) ( X ) Been to Heinz Field.
^^ Been there, yes. For a Steelers game, sadly no. 

40) ( X ) Partied on the South Side.
^^ South Side bar crawls are bomb. Just sayin. Lots of places/ drinks to choose from! ;-)

41) ( ) Shopped on Walnut Street.

42) ( ) Enjoyed the beauty of Falling Water.

43) ( ) Went white water rafting at Ohiopyle

44) ( X ) Scaled Mount Washington on the incline.
^^ Are they really trying to say that riding the incline is considered scaling the mountain? That seems like a bit of a stretch. lol

45) ( X ) Been on a cruise on one of the Gateway Clipper fleet boats.
^^ The Spanish Club cruises were a highlight of the spring in high school, at least to me. Delicious food, live mariachi band/dancing, chillin on the ship with friends. Good times.

46) ( ) Been on a "Just Ducky" tour bus.

47) ( ) Traveled the city by trolley.
^^ Taking the T? 

48) ( X ) Traveled the city by PAT bus.
^^ My grandparents used to take me downtown to Kaufmann's with them for lunch at the Tic Toc diner, I miss those days.

49) ( X ) Seen the Pittsburgh Ballet.

50) ( X ) Seen the Pittsburgh Symphony

51) ( X ) Been to Kennywood Park.

52) ( X ) Eaten fries at "The Potato Patch".

53) ( ) Rode the "Racing Whippet" at West View Park.

54) ( X ) Truly believe in the power of the Terrible Towel.

55) ( ) Hiked or camped in the State Game lands

56) ( X ) Seen a movie being filmed in Pittsburgh.
The Burger King that used to be on Banksville Road got torn down and is in a scene in Dogma, I believe. Used to pass that every day on the bus to/from school. Would have a greater appreciation of that now, not back then.

57) ( X ) Been to Cleveland.
^^ Hello? Pittsburgh list, that seems kind of silly.

58 ( X ) Been to State College.

59)( ) Used a bike or motorcycle for transportation in the Burgh.

60) ( X ) Fed Pigeons downtown.

61) ( X ) Been to the Pittsburgh Aviary.

62) ( X ) Seen the flowers at Phipps Conservatory.

63) ( ) Participated in First Night.

64) ( X ) Watched planes take off from the airport.

65) ( ) Been ice skating on a pond/lake/river that is not an ice rink.

66) ( ) Been water-skiing on the three rivers.

67) ( ) Been to Hidden Valley.

68) ( X ) Met a movie or tv star in Pittsburgh.
^^ I felt sick as hell but I'm still glad Kellyn and Rick dragged me out of bed to head to the parade to see/meet Zachary Quinto, aka Sylar from Heroes. Awesome.

69)  (  X ) Been to Zelienople.
^^ Sara works there! Haven't seen much of the town itself though.

70) ( ) Swam in Lake Arthur.

71) ( ) Fished in North Park Lake.

72) ( X ) Been to the Andy Warhol museum.

73) ( X ) Been to the Carnegie Museum.

74) ( ) Parented a child in Pittsburgh.

75) ( ) Married in Pittsburgh.

76) ( ) Will never leave Pittsburgh (other than for a vacation).

77) ( X ) Born in Pittsburgh.

78) ( ) Driven through the Blue Mountain Tunnel on the turnpike.
^^ Which one is that? I have probably been through it but not totally sure I have driven through it. Will research. Haha.

79) ( X ) Been to Lake Erie.

80) ( X ) Been to a drive-in.
^^ Hadn't been until Bill took me to the Dependable in Moon. But they're fun!

81) ( X ) Enjoy Isaly's "chipped ham".
^^ Chipped, and chopped.

82) ( ) You've owned a house in Pittsburgh.

83) ( X ) You attented a high school football game on a Friday night in Pittsburgh.

84) ( X ) You attended at least 10 Pirate games over the last 17 years.

85) ( ) You saw a home Steeler playoff game.

86) ( ) You saw the Pirates play a World Series game.

87) ( ) You attended a Steelers training camp at St. Vincent's.

88) ( ) You attended a Pirates spring training game in Bradenton.

89) ( ) You attended a Penguins practice at Southpointe Ice-o-plex.

90) ( X ) Rode the Thunderbolt at Kennywood.

91) ( ) Toured the Heinz plant and got a pickle pin.

92) ( ) Visited St. Anthony's Chapel on Troy Hill.

93) ( ) Tailgated at a Steeler game.

94) ( X ) Been to the County Airport.

95) ( X ) Been to Storybook Forest.

96) ( ) Ice skated at PPG Place.

97) ( X ) Went swimming at Dormont Pool.

98) ( ) Ate at Beto's Pizza on Banksville Road.

99) ( X ) Ate a fish sandwich at Wholey's in the Strip.

100) ( ) Met either Myron Cope, Bob Prince, Bill Hillgrove or Mike Lange.

Since there are a hundred questions, it will be easy for you to figure out your grade, but then again, maybe not.
"Pittsburgh's Black and Gold" Official "Yinzer" Rating Scale
92 to 100- "A" Yinzer through and through. Go ahead and "Kick the bucket" now and you can say that you've already done it all.
85-91 "B" careful to finish up on your list so that you can be considered a Yinzer before you start "Pushing up daisies".
73-84 "C" if you can do better and get busy on your list. You're not ready to "Cash in your chips" yet.
65-72 "D"elerious is what you are right now. You have a lot of things still to do before you're ready to "Check out."
0-64 "F" 'd up. You're missing out on the greatest things in Pittsburgh! Get busy before the "Grim Reaper" decides otherwise!!!

I only got 50. Lots to strive for! Let's go people!


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Dec. 13th, 2010 07:20 pm (UTC)
Blue Mountain is somewhere along the way to Gettysburg. Also, I remember the Burger King on Banksville! I don't know if I saw any of the filming or not though.
Dec. 19th, 2010 11:48 pm (UTC)
If you took the turnpike to drive down here you went through the Blue Mountain Tunnel.
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