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Live WHAT?

Stacy just re-watched New Moon and it was sooo good. I hope everyone enjoys Eclipse tonight, and/or whenever you are going to see it. We are selling the Eclipse Soundtrack @ SBUX and I'm tempted to buy it, but I wanted to see the movie first to see if I even like the music in the movie. I wasn't that thrilled about the selections in the first two, so I don't really want to spend $10 on this if I don't love it...

Speaking of spending money, I still feel a little guilty for how much Bill and I spent on dinner Saturday night. We were in DC, visiting with my cousins Grady and Mel, and we were debating among the fantastic options that DC has to offer. I had the hankering for some Japanese hibachi, and Bill, Grady, and Mel agreed that it sounded delicious. Thanks to the research we did on Bill's Palm and Grady's computer, we ventured off to a Japanese steakhouse called Sakura. Let me tell you, for people who know me and my standards for amazing hibachi, Bill and I both concluded that this place was just as good or even better (in some ways) than Miyako (a Japanese hibachi restaurant in Wexford that is so so tasty)! Bill and I both got a mixed drink that we got to keep the ceramic mugs (mine is a geisha and his is a ninja) and 2 dinners (which comes with appetizer, soup, salad, and main course with fried rice and mixed vegetables). Mouthwateringly good. Although at the time that we went to dinner/got food (almost 9 PM, after being up for like 13 hours and sightseeing all day) almost anything would have been delicious. Oh well. I can't really bitch that much because we both knew how much we were going to be spending and it was going to be the only vacation Bill was going to get, since he can't come to the beach with the Crew in August. It was worth it and we both will remember the taste of our perfectly cooked filet mignon for months to come (and we'll have to remember, because we probs. won't be able to let ourselves have it again for that long of a time, apartment still in limbo)!

I have been slacking in my private journals, and LJ too. So much to say. This really annoys me because I know it really helps me clear my head, but for whatever reasons, I can't seem to make pen and paper (or fingers/screen) meet like I used to. I guess I need to really keep pushing myself to do it until it becomes force of habit, again.

Hope everyone is pushing through their road blocks too. It's always easier knowing that even if things suck, you're not alone <3


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Jul. 1st, 2010 12:38 am (UTC)
I feel you on the money deal. I hate feeling guilty spending money- even if I know I can afford it and I DESERVE to spend a little money once in a while! lol Your dinner sounds amazing though! And totally worth! WAY better than McDonalds. lol

Stop slacking and LJ! Lol <3 you tonssssss
Jul. 1st, 2010 02:13 am (UTC)
Let's all NOT be LJ slackers. Miss you <3
Jul. 1st, 2010 11:32 pm (UTC)
Sakura is damn good.
Wait you still came here AND NO PHONE CALL?!
Jul. 5th, 2010 03:47 pm (UTC)
@ Rizz: Definitely way better than McDonald's. Which is what Bill and I had yesterday, Happy 4th of July to us! :)

@ Sara: Agreed. I plan to post before I head to work, I'm gonna try to convince myself not to privatize it, lol. Miss you too. It sucks having to cram our friendship between jobs and "distance" and other pieces of life :-( <3 you too!

@ Rick: It was really damn good. Next time I can afford to get to DC, we'll have to meet up. The trip was already too short and had too many plans/snags to change things around
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