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I Want Your Love...

My cousin Jason burned me Lady GaGa's The Fame before Bill & I left Detroit and I listened to it anytime I drove anywhere, for about a week straight. I managed to snag the 2 disc version of Lady GaGa's The Fame Monster for Stacy on Black Friday and the past few days, we've been listening to it pretty heavily. I'd say I'm all GaGa'ed out, but that would be a lie. Her songs are out there, but so addictive. I hope she doesn't lose her edge, because even if it is just dance/pop music, she's become a class act very quickly. This reminds me, Bill wanted me to burn Lady GaGa for him too... need to take care of this tomorrow.

I have spent a lot of money the past few days, but I'd like to believe that 90% of the money that was spent, was on worthwhile items that will last me a long time. Not many people take Black Friday as hardcore as I do, but I just get wrapped up in the energy and the excitement of spending a solid half day shopping. I was better about being awake this year, than in years past, because my experiences of opening/having to be at work at 4:30 AM made getting myself out of bed easier. Stacy and I split our forces best we could, since our third Black Friday partner in crime (my cousin Alison) was in DC this year. I dropped Stacyfur off @ Target, then I headed to Best Buy. I went through there, then went to Target to meet up with her. Following Target was Wal Mart, then the mall, which was nuts by the time we got there, because it was filled with all the people who had been out at other places in Robinson and culminated their more aggressive shopping ventures. I'm pretty excited about the fact that most of my Christmas shopping is done too, so when people will be packing the stores searching for the perfect present, I can just do some mild browsing for fun. This year, I vowed to myself to be better about writing Christmas cards, so I am starting this tomorrow as well. This is what days off can inspire. Or... they can lead me to being mega lazy. But let's hope not!

Steelers lost tonight, in overtime, in a similar fashion to how we had lost last week to the Chiefs. I am quite sad when the Steelers lose. But we will get through this...


Dec. 1st, 2009 04:41 am (UTC)
I LOVE that you're on a Gaga kick <3 haha

and good job. I have ZERO shopping done. don't even have so much as ideas. fail.

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