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"These vision boards work! The Universe will give you exactly what you deserve, Penny! I promise!" -Jane
...later in the episode...
*Penny comes into the room, Alex is lying on the couch*
*Penny makes a beeline for her vision board, pulls it close, and starts to kiss it*
*Alex looks up from the magazine she's flipping through to see Penny kissing the board and says, "Hey... you and your board need to get a room... a board room.. yes!"*
^^ Those are the kind of jokes I make that I get excited about, especially since Chris cracks insults and jokes left and right at lightning speed.

I've decided one of my craft projects before I recycle/sell off my old magazines is to create a vision board for myself in 2012, instead of just making a list of resolutions. If anyone else wants in, the more the merrier. :)

I came out into the living room after I decided I had stayed in bed long enough, and Dad was watching Price is Right. We're going to be leaving in a bit to head for lunch and run some errands for my mom. Fun fun.

Great Week Ahead....

I need to type this out real quick so I can see what I've gotten myself signed up for already this week.

Tuesday: Laundry/Catch Up on Greek, Put Away Christmas Stuff, SBUX 2-10:30 PM, Eat N Park with Stacy and Jess?
Wednesday: Walgreens Picture Developing/ Grocery Shopping/ Errands , SBUX 2- 10:30 PM, hang out with Niki?
Thursday: SBUX 8 AM- 3 PM, Dinner/Hang Out with Chris
Friday: OFF DAY! SBUX for Paycheck, Bank, Hang Out/Pack Apt. Stuff with Bill, Stacy's Graduation Party, Dinner/Drinks with Scott, Bridget, and John at Penn Brewery
Sunday: Pgh. Aviary with some of the SRU Crew, D&D Game at my apt!

Yup. Signs of a great week.
Maybe I should start doing 5 Guys.
Just a thought :)

Rizz Did It. I Needed Something to Do. LoL

1. First thing you wash in the shower?
My hair

2. What color is your favorite hoodie?
I don't wear hoodies as often as I did in college, but it seems like a lot of them are in shades of black/gray, with some pink/purple in there as well. And ditto Rizz, my Roxy hoodie with the fur hood, has been my fave recently. Aside from my pseudo-winter coat. The real winter coat will need to be broken out soon!

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

4.Do you plan outfits?
I usually put some thought into it, but it's usually plan it, and then put it on. Only if there's a special occasion or if I need to go somewhere fast, do I plan it "in advance".

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?
Not feeling like wanting to go to work. So trying to procrastinate. But I can't really. :(

6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red?
My socks, are part red (also part green and part silver. Very Christmas-chic.)

7. Do you say aim or a-i-m?
I've said both, I used to say A-I-M a lot more in middle school/high school. More likely to say AIM now.

8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?
I don't get to remember dreams very often. So no, I don't remember the last one I had...

9. Did you meet anybody new today?
Not yet, but I'm sure I will whenever I'm at work. New customers come in all the time. Or customers I've seen twice who think I should remember them, but they're new to me (again).

10. What are you craving right now?
A caramel brulee latte or peppermint mocha. That craving will be remedied in about 20 minutes. :)

11. Do you floss?
Sad to admit, I don't, but I know I should, and need to. This is on my list of "New Year's" Resolutions.

12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
Meh. I don't love cabbage but I don't hate it. So meh seems like a fair description.

13. When was the last time you talked on aim?
Last night, with Chris.

14. Are you emotional?
Far too often for most people's likings. But I'm trying to "get over that".

15. Would you dance to the taco song?
Probably. And I'd look like an idiot too, but it'd be fun!

16. Have you ever counted to 1,000?
Straight through? Doubt it. But I learned how. ;)

17. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
I lick it from the beginning all the way through, unless it's a cone. Then I bite into the bottom. Mmm. And Rizz, I'm pretty sure they wrote this question to sound dirty. Hehe.

18. Do you like your hair?
Yes, but it's getting long. Needs cut soon. Must find picture of what I'm looking to do...

19. Do you like yourself?
Most of the time, yes. Lately I've been going through a lot of things in my head that are frustrating, but I know it'll work itself out.

20. Have you ever met a celebrity?
Yes, no one like OMG famous either (except for Zachary Quinto, a lot of people know him from Heroes and he was also Spock in the Star Trek movie)

Time for work. Will have to be continued later! :)

Pittsburgh Bucket List


1) ( X ) You've gone to a Steeler game.
^^ Personal Note: I haven't gone to a Steelers game at Heinz Field. I hope I get the chance to change that "soon"!

2) ( ) You skipped school to go to the Pirates home opener.
^^ Never did it, but probably would have/ still would if there was anyone who'd be up for it.

3) ( ) Been on a blind date in Pittsburgh.
^^ This is probably one of those that they have on EVERY city's bucket list. Haha. 

4) ( ) Been to a Penguins Stanley Cup playoff game.

5) ( X ) Been to a Pirates game.
^^ Too bad I can't count this one about a hundred times. 

6) ( ) Been to a Pitt football or basketball game.

7) ( X ) Took a picture of Pittsburgh from a Mt. Washington overlook.
^^ We did the whole get in the limo, paparazzi style junior prom thing.

8) ( X ) Been in, or even on the ledge of the fountain at Point State Park.

9) ( X ) Been lost somewhere in Pittsburgh.
^^ The streets downtown don't make sense. Add traffic and construction/detours, and it's basically impossible!

10) ( ) Saw the buffalo herd at South Park.

11) ( ) Attended the "free" fair at South Park Fairgrounds.

12) ( X ) Visited Washington, PA.
^^ Many times, especially now that the Meadows Casino/ Tanger Outlets are out there :)

13) ( ) Swam in one of the 3 rivers.

14) ( X ) Been to the 3 Rivers Arts Festival.
^^ It's a long of fun walking around, seeing all of the work. And the food is also a good reason to go. 

15) ( X ) Experienced local live music.
^^ Is there anyone who's lived in Pittsburgh who hasn't seen the Clarks? It seems like they are EVERYWHERE. Also graduated high school with Joe Grushecky (& the Houserockers)'s daughter, saw his band a few times, plus just at local street fairs/festivals/etc.

16) ( X ) Eaten a Primanti's sandwich.
^^ Their #2 Best Seller Philly Cheese Steak, is a heavenly sandwich. Mmmmm. I keep talking about food but I'm starting to get pretty hungry!

17) ( X ) Eaten at the "O".
^^ The biggest order of fries known to man or woman.

18) ( ) Been to the top of the US Steel Building.

19) ( ) Been to the top of the Cathedral of Learning.

20) ( ) Spent a night at 7 Springs.

21) ( X ) Been "down Market Square".

22) ( ) Attended 1 of 6 Steelers Super Bowl Parades.
^^ Bows head in shame that I haven't! Let's hope they make playoffs/Superbowl/win. K thanks bye!

23) ( ) Partied in the Strip District.
^^ Been to the Strip, eaten in the Strip, gone to concerts in the Strip. Haven't partied down there though, felt that was an important distinction which is why I didn't check it off!

24) ( ) Toured the Iron City Brewery.

25) ( ) Drank an Iron.
^^ I know I've sipped it, but haven't drank the whole thing, because I'm not a beer person, so I don't think that should get to count either, until I do.

26) ( X ) Explored the Carnegie Science Center.

27) ( ) Saw the trains at Buhl Planeterium.

28) ( X ) Been to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

29) ( X ) Been to Station Square.

30) ( ) Watched the Car Races at Schenley Park.

31) ( X ) Seen a concert at Hartwood Acres.
^^ My two favorites were the ones that I went with, with Ethan (and his family), Stacy, and Jess. Los Lonely Boys, and also the PSO for their free Fourth of July/Independence Day performances!

32)( ) Been fishing in the 3 rivers.

33 ( X ) Held your breath driving through any Pittsburgh tunnel.
^^ Fort Pitt, for sure. I know I've done the hold the breath/make a wish game in the Liberty and Squirrel Hill tunnels too, but I don't think I have done that while driving in those tunnels.

34) ( X ) Been called or called someone a "jagoff".

35 ( X ) Been to a non-athletic event at Mellon Arena.
^^ Quite a few of them, actually. Because I have never been to a Pens game, so ALL of the events I went to at Mellon, were non-athletic ones.

36 ( ) Been to a Steeler game at Forbes Field.

37)( ) Been to a Steeler game at Pitt Stadium.

38) ( ) Been to a rock concert at 3 Rivers Stadium.
^^ I don't think I ever did, because 3 Rivers got torn down when I wasn't listening to rock music yet. I was a total teenybopper in those days. Now I'm only in that genre halfway. Haha.

39) ( X ) Been to Heinz Field.
^^ Been there, yes. For a Steelers game, sadly no. 

40) ( X ) Partied on the South Side.
^^ South Side bar crawls are bomb. Just sayin. Lots of places/ drinks to choose from! ;-)

41) ( ) Shopped on Walnut Street.

42) ( ) Enjoyed the beauty of Falling Water.

43) ( ) Went white water rafting at Ohiopyle

44) ( X ) Scaled Mount Washington on the incline.
^^ Are they really trying to say that riding the incline is considered scaling the mountain? That seems like a bit of a stretch. lol

45) ( X ) Been on a cruise on one of the Gateway Clipper fleet boats.
^^ The Spanish Club cruises were a highlight of the spring in high school, at least to me. Delicious food, live mariachi band/dancing, chillin on the ship with friends. Good times.

46) ( ) Been on a "Just Ducky" tour bus.

47) ( ) Traveled the city by trolley.
^^ Taking the T? 

48) ( X ) Traveled the city by PAT bus.
^^ My grandparents used to take me downtown to Kaufmann's with them for lunch at the Tic Toc diner, I miss those days.

49) ( X ) Seen the Pittsburgh Ballet.

50) ( X ) Seen the Pittsburgh Symphony

51) ( X ) Been to Kennywood Park.

52) ( X ) Eaten fries at "The Potato Patch".

53) ( ) Rode the "Racing Whippet" at West View Park.

54) ( X ) Truly believe in the power of the Terrible Towel.

55) ( ) Hiked or camped in the State Game lands

56) ( X ) Seen a movie being filmed in Pittsburgh.
The Burger King that used to be on Banksville Road got torn down and is in a scene in Dogma, I believe. Used to pass that every day on the bus to/from school. Would have a greater appreciation of that now, not back then.

57) ( X ) Been to Cleveland.
^^ Hello? Pittsburgh list, that seems kind of silly.

58 ( X ) Been to State College.

59)( ) Used a bike or motorcycle for transportation in the Burgh.

60) ( X ) Fed Pigeons downtown.

61) ( X ) Been to the Pittsburgh Aviary.

62) ( X ) Seen the flowers at Phipps Conservatory.

63) ( ) Participated in First Night.

64) ( X ) Watched planes take off from the airport.

65) ( ) Been ice skating on a pond/lake/river that is not an ice rink.

66) ( ) Been water-skiing on the three rivers.

67) ( ) Been to Hidden Valley.

68) ( X ) Met a movie or tv star in Pittsburgh.
^^ I felt sick as hell but I'm still glad Kellyn and Rick dragged me out of bed to head to the parade to see/meet Zachary Quinto, aka Sylar from Heroes. Awesome.

69)  (  X ) Been to Zelienople.
^^ Sara works there! Haven't seen much of the town itself though.

70) ( ) Swam in Lake Arthur.

71) ( ) Fished in North Park Lake.

72) ( X ) Been to the Andy Warhol museum.

73) ( X ) Been to the Carnegie Museum.

74) ( ) Parented a child in Pittsburgh.

75) ( ) Married in Pittsburgh.

76) ( ) Will never leave Pittsburgh (other than for a vacation).

77) ( X ) Born in Pittsburgh.

78) ( ) Driven through the Blue Mountain Tunnel on the turnpike.
^^ Which one is that? I have probably been through it but not totally sure I have driven through it. Will research. Haha.

79) ( X ) Been to Lake Erie.

80) ( X ) Been to a drive-in.
^^ Hadn't been until Bill took me to the Dependable in Moon. But they're fun!

81) ( X ) Enjoy Isaly's "chipped ham".
^^ Chipped, and chopped.

82) ( ) You've owned a house in Pittsburgh.

83) ( X ) You attented a high school football game on a Friday night in Pittsburgh.

84) ( X ) You attended at least 10 Pirate games over the last 17 years.

85) ( ) You saw a home Steeler playoff game.

86) ( ) You saw the Pirates play a World Series game.

87) ( ) You attended a Steelers training camp at St. Vincent's.

88) ( ) You attended a Pirates spring training game in Bradenton.

89) ( ) You attended a Penguins practice at Southpointe Ice-o-plex.

90) ( X ) Rode the Thunderbolt at Kennywood.

91) ( ) Toured the Heinz plant and got a pickle pin.

92) ( ) Visited St. Anthony's Chapel on Troy Hill.

93) ( ) Tailgated at a Steeler game.

94) ( X ) Been to the County Airport.

95) ( X ) Been to Storybook Forest.

96) ( ) Ice skated at PPG Place.

97) ( X ) Went swimming at Dormont Pool.

98) ( ) Ate at Beto's Pizza on Banksville Road.

99) ( X ) Ate a fish sandwich at Wholey's in the Strip.

100) ( ) Met either Myron Cope, Bob Prince, Bill Hillgrove or Mike Lange.

Since there are a hundred questions, it will be easy for you to figure out your grade, but then again, maybe not.
"Pittsburgh's Black and Gold" Official "Yinzer" Rating Scale
92 to 100- "A" Yinzer through and through. Go ahead and "Kick the bucket" now and you can say that you've already done it all.
85-91 "B" careful to finish up on your list so that you can be considered a Yinzer before you start "Pushing up daisies".
73-84 "C" if you can do better and get busy on your list. You're not ready to "Cash in your chips" yet.
65-72 "D"elerious is what you are right now. You have a lot of things still to do before you're ready to "Check out."
0-64 "F" 'd up. You're missing out on the greatest things in Pittsburgh! Get busy before the "Grim Reaper" decides otherwise!!!

I only got 50. Lots to strive for! Let's go people!

Live WHAT?

Stacy just re-watched New Moon and it was sooo good. I hope everyone enjoys Eclipse tonight, and/or whenever you are going to see it. We are selling the Eclipse Soundtrack @ SBUX and I'm tempted to buy it, but I wanted to see the movie first to see if I even like the music in the movie. I wasn't that thrilled about the selections in the first two, so I don't really want to spend $10 on this if I don't love it...

Speaking of spending money, I still feel a little guilty for how much Bill and I spent on dinner Saturday night. We were in DC, visiting with my cousins Grady and Mel, and we were debating among the fantastic options that DC has to offer. I had the hankering for some Japanese hibachi, and Bill, Grady, and Mel agreed that it sounded delicious. Thanks to the research we did on Bill's Palm and Grady's computer, we ventured off to a Japanese steakhouse called Sakura. Let me tell you, for people who know me and my standards for amazing hibachi, Bill and I both concluded that this place was just as good or even better (in some ways) than Miyako (a Japanese hibachi restaurant in Wexford that is so so tasty)! Bill and I both got a mixed drink that we got to keep the ceramic mugs (mine is a geisha and his is a ninja) and 2 dinners (which comes with appetizer, soup, salad, and main course with fried rice and mixed vegetables). Mouthwateringly good. Although at the time that we went to dinner/got food (almost 9 PM, after being up for like 13 hours and sightseeing all day) almost anything would have been delicious. Oh well. I can't really bitch that much because we both knew how much we were going to be spending and it was going to be the only vacation Bill was going to get, since he can't come to the beach with the Crew in August. It was worth it and we both will remember the taste of our perfectly cooked filet mignon for months to come (and we'll have to remember, because we probs. won't be able to let ourselves have it again for that long of a time, apartment still in limbo)!

I have been slacking in my private journals, and LJ too. So much to say. This really annoys me because I know it really helps me clear my head, but for whatever reasons, I can't seem to make pen and paper (or fingers/screen) meet like I used to. I guess I need to really keep pushing myself to do it until it becomes force of habit, again.

Hope everyone is pushing through their road blocks too. It's always easier knowing that even if things suck, you're not alone <3

For the Horde!

No, this entry isn't really for the horde. It's really for Rizz and Sara, because reading their entries made me want to write, and for myself, duh. Because I need it, and I'm a nutcase.

So Paul McCartney is coming to Pittsburgh in August, and I was really pumped about going to see him, because I thought that the fact that my dad having an AMEX card was going to be my in, with the pre-sale tickets, since it seemed to work out for people who had CitiBank & got Lady Gaga tix that way (this is secondhand knowledge, not from experience). The morning that the tickets were available on Ticketmaster.com, I tried to do it from Bill's house and it failed, said they were all already sold out. So Bill tried for me Monday morning, after he got out of work (since I was at work), and poor guy, could NOT get tickets either! At least not ones we could afford. Long story there, but basically he went to GE at 8 AM, beat the guy working there, then a whole shit ton of people showed up an hour later, they did a lottery, his number was RIGHT BEFORE the number that was picked, so despite the fact he was there longest, he got bumped to the very end. Totally blows. However, to make matters even worse, tickets for the first show sold out, and then Ticketmaster announces the second show. This would be GREAT if they did what they did with Lady Gaga, and had another set of pre-sale/release of tickets, not the same day. But NO, they put the tickets for the second show up for sale at 10:03 AM, after the first show had sold out, and even though a whole ton of people had left after the first show sold out, by the time Bill had tickets available, they would have cost us like, $558. Which we can't realistically afford, because hello? New apartment, plus Bill needs new computer/books/etc for law school. Way more important than a concert he's not even really THAT excited about. I'm sadder than I thought I initially would be about not being able to go because I've been a Beatles fan longer than any of my other music interests, and Paul is "getting up there in age", he doesn't play that many shows anymore (only like 8 in the US this year, and 2 are the ones in Pgh!) so IDK if I'll even have another chance to see him. Bill and I talked and I think once we get a place, if we can afford to, we will buy tix online, even if they are marked up, then we can share in the magic of being at Consol for this show. Keeping my fingers crossed but not trying to be too excited yet. I'm more excited about the fact that Bill was so passionately trying to make this happen for me. It made me feel guilty but very appreciative. Our five year is coming up in August and this was gonna be my anniversary gift. CRAZY!

I like how I just said that was going to be a long story, which meant I thought I was going to abbreviate it somehow, but then I just went ahead and typed the whole damn thing anyway. Just goes to show how ridiculous I have been getting lately. I feel bad that people have had to deal with my rants.

Jay Leno just jabbed Starbucks for finally jumping on the Free WiFi bandwagon, July 1st. You have no idea how frustrating it's been to explain to people how to access our internet currently, having an account with A T&T or the process of getting a registered Starbucks card to access the internet. I'm so relieved this is changing because then we won't have to spend all this time helping people with this stuff, and we'll actually be able to do work.

My mom is calling me to do something. Entry end now. Boo.

A Little Bit Of LJ in My Life

I don't want to whine too much, but a little will have to do for the time being, because I have a lot on my mind.

I was at work tonight until about 11:45, at my "old" Starbucks store (the one in Green Tree, where I started). I feel sad that even though I've been at my "new" store for more than a year now, I still feel right at home where I started and that my closer friends, are at my old store. Last night after I got out of work, I went out for drinks with Josh and Tina, because Josh was leaving for vacation today. He was going on a 10 day trip to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland! I'm so jealous, you have no idea... the three of us talked about everything under the sun, but naturally, it always seemed to revolve back to work. The life of a Starbucks shift supervisor is rougher than most people really understand, and the past few weeks have gotten more crazy! Lately, upper management has been putting the hit on all of its stores to reach these sales goals that are seriously, impossible for the area that we are in or impossible because of the shitty weather we have had. I am sure this is an initiative that is being passed down from one exec to another, but it's frustrating, because it takes away from the personal connections we have with our customers! We can only encourage people to buy what they want, to an extent. Most people walk in, already knowing what they do and do not like, and are not willing to shell out x amount of dollars to try something new. I hate to say that, but it's true. That's the reality- they may try something when it's free, but they probably won't like it enough to drop, let's say, $5 on it. Most people will stick with their favorite, whatever that may be, because it's comforting! *sigh* Not to mention that summer = vacations, and I can't wait to have mine. I'm grateful that I am taking 2 vacations, to break up the anxiety that is spread between all of the people I'm working with! lol

Rant continues... living with my parents at home is growing more frustrating, no surprise there. Bill and I really need to make more headway with finding an apartment, but it's just hard to find time in his schedule (with two jobs, plus the required amount of sleep he "needs") and my schedule (which is just one job, but the times are all over the map, plus my parents often expect me to drive Stacy to work/to wherever she needs when they can't). We checked out a few places near Duquesne, but the financial restrictions were too much. I've concluded our options in the city are pretty much zero, and we need to find a nice 2 bedroom apartment with decent parking and perhaps some utilities included, for less than $1,000 per month. Obviously the less we pay in rent, would be great. But I have calculated based on my current income and what Bill and I can balance with our savings, that it would work out okay.

It's just time for a break from the daily grind, I've concluded. Lots of people around me have been or are on vacation, and I know my time is right around the bend, so I just need to be patient and get through this! I'm stopping my rant now because I don't want to be so angry and bitter, because I'm really not. I'm just dwelling on dumb shit. Hope you're having a nice life friends :)
1.) Where did you ring in 2009? Same place I rang in 2010, @ the Mitch's house in Moon

2.) What was your status by Valentine's Day? with Bill. sometimes that's kind of a miracle.

3.) Were you in school (anytime this year)? Yes, I was in classrooms periodically, but not as a student. And not as a teacher either. Just there. haha

4.) How did you earn your keep? Shifty skills @ Starbucks!

5.) Did you have to go to the hospital? Not entirely sure if I was in the hospital at all during 2009. But I had to take my dad to the ER Saturday, he had a mild case of hypothermia.

6.) Did you encounter the police? I passed them a bunch of times, laughing because they didn't catch me speeding. Plus my favorite cops as customers @ work!

7.) Where did you go on vacation? For some reason, 2008 and 2009 blur in my head periodically. I went to California with my aunt and uncle though! Plus a few day trips to DC, and Bill and I made the mini-vacation to Detroit in November...

8.) What did you purchase that was over $500? Carly (even though she's not paid off yet), and there may have been something else but it's late and I'm too lazy to fully weigh this out...

9.) Did you know anybody who got married? Jon/Rizz, Ash/Erik, Allison/Dave (graduated from high school with them) again, my mind is kind of stalling on me, but I know there were others! Just not necessarily people I was really close to.

10.) Do you know anybody who passed away? Yes, but not anyone really close to me (which I am grateful for)

11.) Have you run into anybody you graduated high school with? All the freakin time! Plus had that 5 year reunion thing over Thanksgiving weekend, crazy!

12.) Did you move anywhere? I wish I did. But nope. Still here at home.

13.) What sporting events did you go to? Pirates games, Red Wings game... not sure if there was anything else.

14.) What concerts did you go to? Wow, this one was big for me. Paramore/No Doubt. Plain White T's. Jason Mraz. Video Games Live with the PSO. Panic/Fall Out Boy/Blink 182. Again, I feel like I am forgetting others!

15.) Are you registered to vote? Yes.

16.) If so, did you do your patriotic duty on Nov. 7? No, I had to work most of the day and felt too lazy to wait in line/go after work.

17.) Where do you live now? Where I've lived my entire life, minus my years up at the Rock.

18.) Describe your birthday. It was pretty awesome, going to the Pirates game with friendies the week after my birthday. Plus I recall going out to dinners and such the day of/day after my birthday.

19.) What's the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2009? (I changed the date on it because it was wrong) Not sure...I never thought I would finally start to enjoy driving. That's something that definitely changed in 2009, vs. 2008 where it still made me feel awkward as hell.

20.) What is one thing you regretted this year? Freaking out the weekend of Ash/Erik's wedding, but some things couldn't be helped and I'm glad I still had a good time, all things considered!

21.) What's something you learned about yourself? That I try to be independent but I'm really more dependent on what people say, than most people I know. This is not okay with me but I guess it's better than I realize it's true.

22.) Any new additions to your family? Two of my cousins had babies! Yay!

23.) What was your best month? I don't know if I could choose just one, though I seem to recall July was pretty awesome.

24.) What from pop culture will you remember 2009 by? Celebrities dying. It's totally the only answer, as everyone else has mentioned before me.

25.) How would you rate this year with a scale from 1 (shitty) to 10 (excellent)? I'd say it was an 8. A lot of cool things happened, but in the end, I was ready to move up and out into 2010.

Here's to a bigger and better year for us all... night guys.
Steelers seemed to play better overall today, but sadly, end result was still a FAIL. Not that 6-6 is a bad record, because it's not, it's just not what the team is truly capable of achieving, and we have blown several games to ourselves not being able to outplay the other teams. The opponents may have appeared to everyone else as the weaker team (esp. Kansas City and Oakland) but they had fleeting moments of sheer greatness that impressed everyone and allowed them to make magic happen, and win. I know it's "just football" and the Steelers did win the Super Bowl last year, so it makes them somewhat more of a target, but it's still a tough pill for me to swallow. Plus, I was working today and didn't get to see any of the game until it was sliced and diced on Sunday Night Football (where, for the record, Brett Brett & the Vikings lost to the Cardinals, and lost pretty badly, not as close as the score may imply to some, sadly).

Football rant/commentary suspended. On to other topics...

Christmas is coming, and coming SOON (18 days? WHAT?!)! This year has marked a lot of big events, and changes. There are always good moments mixed in with bad moments, but I am an extremely reflective person and like to see the big picture of life as a whole. Deep down, I know some traditions (or I guess I shouldn't say I know, it's more like I hope) will never die, and I am looking forward to the sights and sounds I typically come to love with the people who mean most to me! There are so many things I want to try to accomplish in the coming weeks but we will have to see what time I can dedicate to making these things happen. Gifts are almost done, and it's party planning that I'm really concentrating on now.

I think I'm temporarily tapped out of commentary for the time being, and that's only because being tired just hit me like a Mack truck. Sleep and to be continued later!

I Want Your Love...

My cousin Jason burned me Lady GaGa's The Fame before Bill & I left Detroit and I listened to it anytime I drove anywhere, for about a week straight. I managed to snag the 2 disc version of Lady GaGa's The Fame Monster for Stacy on Black Friday and the past few days, we've been listening to it pretty heavily. I'd say I'm all GaGa'ed out, but that would be a lie. Her songs are out there, but so addictive. I hope she doesn't lose her edge, because even if it is just dance/pop music, she's become a class act very quickly. This reminds me, Bill wanted me to burn Lady GaGa for him too... need to take care of this tomorrow.

I have spent a lot of money the past few days, but I'd like to believe that 90% of the money that was spent, was on worthwhile items that will last me a long time. Not many people take Black Friday as hardcore as I do, but I just get wrapped up in the energy and the excitement of spending a solid half day shopping. I was better about being awake this year, than in years past, because my experiences of opening/having to be at work at 4:30 AM made getting myself out of bed easier. Stacy and I split our forces best we could, since our third Black Friday partner in crime (my cousin Alison) was in DC this year. I dropped Stacyfur off @ Target, then I headed to Best Buy. I went through there, then went to Target to meet up with her. Following Target was Wal Mart, then the mall, which was nuts by the time we got there, because it was filled with all the people who had been out at other places in Robinson and culminated their more aggressive shopping ventures. I'm pretty excited about the fact that most of my Christmas shopping is done too, so when people will be packing the stores searching for the perfect present, I can just do some mild browsing for fun. This year, I vowed to myself to be better about writing Christmas cards, so I am starting this tomorrow as well. This is what days off can inspire. Or... they can lead me to being mega lazy. But let's hope not!

Steelers lost tonight, in overtime, in a similar fashion to how we had lost last week to the Chiefs. I am quite sad when the Steelers lose. But we will get through this...